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Want to show the world just how much you are a She-Ra fan?!
Then it's time you got your own She-Ravers.com e-mail address!

With a $30 donation to He-Man.org, you can have your own She-Ravers.com email address that never expires!*
And, as a registered member of He-Man.org, the $30 donation also gets you...
  • a larger forum avatar (from the default of 85 pixels to 125 pixels)
  • a larger PM (private message) Inbox
  • a special color coded username on the forums to show you support He-Man.org
What's that?  You're not a registered user to He-Man.org because we don't permit free e-mail accounts?
Well, with your $30.00 donation, we have your problem solved!
You not only get all of the above,
but you can also register with your She-Ravers.com e-mail account!**

Please use the donation link below to get your own She-Ravers.com e-mail account!
Be sure to enter 30.00 as your amount.  You can also enter a higher amount if you want to help more!

Donate now and start emailing!

Donations are made via PayPal, the world standard for safe, reliable online transactions.
Once we receive your donation, we will reply to your PayPal e-mail address with info on how to setup your own She-Ravers.com address.
Be sure your PayPal account e-mail address is also your current contact address!  Otherwise, we can't help you setup your account.

You can also mail your donation with cash, check or money order!
Remember that personal checks can take up to 10 business days to clear.  We will not contact you until the check clears.
We also don't recommend sending cash.  If it gets stolen, we are not responsible.

You can mail your donation to:
ATTN: Free E-mail
PO Box 1870
Richmond, KY  40476

Be sure to include your contact information with your payment, especially your e-mail address!
Please print legibly!

Thanks for your support!

The Fine Print
All donations are final and He-Fans.com and She-Ravers.com e-mail accounts indefinite*.  You can cancel and close your He-Fans.com or She-Ravers.com account at any time by contacting the webmaster at He-man.org with a request for cancellation.  No refunds will be issued for cancellation and your He-Man.org account will also be terminated.  Only donations made via PayPal or mail, after January 1, 2008, qualify for this offer.  eBay auction purchases and online sales of merchandise do not count towards this offer.

*All He-Fans.com and She-Ravers.com account users must adhere to the rules and guidelines found on the He-Man.org forums. Failure to adhere to these rules and guidelines will result in termination of your account.  No refund will be issued for termination based on failure to comply with the above rules and guidelines found on He-Man.org.
He-Fans.com and She-Ravers.com are governed by the Terms and Conditions of He-Man.org as administered by Mattel and/or Entertainment Rights (herein known as the controlling parties).  Unless otherwise requested by the controlling parties, He-Fans.com and She-Ravers.com e-mail accounts will never expire.  MVCreations and He-Man.org are not responsible for the termination of any account by the controlling parties. No refund will be issued for termination by request of the controlling parties.

**He-Man.org allows registration to our site for free, per the Terms & Conditions of He-man.org.
He-Fans.com and She-Ravers.com are owned and operated by MVCreations, per the Terms & Conditions of He-man.org. No e-mail sent from any account hosted on either domain represents the views or opinions of He-Man.org, MVCreations, Mattel, Entertainment Rights or any other entity.
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